Aviation Waypoints

What is a waypoint?

In aviation, a waypoint is a predetermined geographical position that is defined in terms of latitude/longitude coordinates (altitude is ignored). Waypoints may be a simple named point in space or may be associated with existing navigational aids, intersections, or fixes.

Waypoints used in aviation are given five-letter names. These names are meant to be pronounceable or have a mnemonic value, so that they may easily be conveyed by voice. In some cases the names correspond to a notable feature or landmark in the area (for example, a waypoint near Newton, Iowa has the name "MATAG"; Newton was the birthplace of the appliance manufacturer Maytag).

Selected aviation waypoints

Waypoint KOZANLatitude: 36.954167 Longitude: 37.154167
Waypoint VACUTLatitude: 50.064239 Longitude: 8.400428
Waypoint UMTONLatitude: 58.545000 Longitude: 14.338889
Waypoint MITEMLatitude: 57.280738 Longitude: -130.302949
Waypoint MOMOKLatitude: 52.166247 Longitude: 14.401897
Waypoint BEVURLatitude: 46.874444 Longitude: -80.867778
Waypoint ODBAPLatitude: 54.338611 Longitude: -125.878611
Waypoint SOGMILatitude: 50.527500 Longitude: 8.899167